Privacy Policy

GDPR Privacy Policy

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation.

This GDPR privacy policy is set out in relation to this website. In line with current GDPR legislation we kindly request to collect and use your information for replying to your contact requests, for marketing & sales purposes, and for an improved user experience while viewing our website. You can find detailed information on how we collect your data via our forms in the information below.

We respect the privacy of every individual who visits our website(s) and will protect that information provided to us from misuse, unauthorised access, disclosure or alteration.  In order to successfully deliver our range of services and products to you, we may request certain detailed information during your visit to our website.

The information you provide through our web site can be used in the following ways:

  • So that we can get in touch with you.
  • To keep you updated about our services.
  • To disclose any information to authorities if required by law.
  • To successfully deliver our services or products to you, your company and or organisation.

Any information that we do collect from you, your company and or organisation will not be passed to any third party without your expressed permission, other than those listed above.

We do not collect sensitive data relating to your gender, race, sexual orientation, religious or political interests. We do not pass your data on to any third party. Your data is not passed to any other EU & non-EU countries. If any data breach is experienced we will notify you immediately.

Contact requests

When using our form to request for us to contact you, your data will only be used to contact you via your preferred contact method. This data is kept private and is only used in relation to your contact request, we do not pass on your data to any third party. Your data will be held indefinitely or until you request us to delete your data from our systems. By filling in our contact form and clicking submit, you are providing consent for us to store and use your data in line with your contact request.

Newsletter subscriptions

Our marketing communications require you to opt in as well as provide your email address. This data is kept private and is only used in relation to your subscription request, we do not pass on your data to any third party. Your data will be held indefinitely or until you request us to delete your data from our systems via email or the unsubscribe link in each marketing correspondence. By filling in our newsletter subscribe form and checking the box “sign me up for email newsletters” (or other forms containing this checkbox option), you are providing consent for us to store and use your data in line with contacting you for marketing purposes.

Website cookies data

Our website uses cookies to provide you with the very best experience we can offer during your website visit. These do not collect or store private or sensitive data. To find out more about our cookies and their purpose, please read our cookie policy.

Analytics data

Our website uses Google Analytics to track and collect basic data relating to website visitors. This data does not collect your personal information. Data collected comprises of which pages you visit, how many times you visit our website, the location of your internet provider (via IP address), internet traffic source (where you visited us from, i.e direct or through a referral), type of device (desktop, mobile etc), as well as any data you have already agreed to Google collecting via your account(s) with them.

Data Protection

All data is processed confidentially and securely in line with our internal data procedures. These procedures include the storage, disclosure of and access to personal data both digital (e.g. IT and other technological systems) and physical (e.g. contracts or printed paper files).

We protect all data stored on our website in strict accordance with current EU data protection directives. Any private, personal or contact detail information you provide to us is held on secure computer servers within the United Kingdom using SSL encryption, which ensures the data we store is processed lawfully and fairly. We only collect relevant data to processing your order, contacting you with marketing communications (if opted-in) and for replying to contact requests. You have the right at any time to request from us what information is held about you, with the option to correct or update any inaccuracies.

Payment & Financial Data

We do not collect or store your private payment or financial data through our website. Any purchases made through our online store checkout requiring financial details are processed and handled by our payment provider. The only information we collect is your billing & shipping address, along with your order details for the purpose of processing your order.

Email Addresses

Any email address you supply to us is only used for the purposes of replying to you, unless you have given consent to being added to our newsletter or mailing list for marketing communications, or for processing any order you have placed with us.

Links to other websites

Our website may contain links to other websites which are outside of our control. These external sites are NOT covered by our privacy policy and we recommend you read their privacy policy before continuing to use their website. We do not endorse any website which is linked to via this website. This includes social media platforms, social sharing links and follow buttons.

Your right to request deletion of your data

You are free to request your data be deleted at any time by contacting us at the address below. Once we receive your request, any data relating to you will be deleted from our systems.

Our email newsletter and digital marketing materials have the option within each item to ‘Opt Out’ or ‘Unsubscribe’. You are free to unsubscribe at any time, after which you will no longer receive any marketing materials from us. To start receiving marketing materials again, you will need to re-submit your details via our newsletter subscription form.

Need more Information?

If you have any questions which are not addressed in this policy, we are more than happy to discuss any questions you have relating to your privacy with us. If you have any questions or comments about our privacy policy please contact us.